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2017 Gun Legislation in Tennessee

2017 Gun Legislation in Tennessee

The current legislative session in the state of Tennessee is just getting underway, yet the NRA is already reporting the introduction of many pro-gun and anti-gun bills into the General Assembly.

In this post, we will examine some of the exciting pro-gun legislation that will further gun ownership and self-defense rights in the state of Tennessee. We’ll also take a look at some of the disheartening anti-gun legislation that, if passed, would limit the rights of gun owners within the state.

Pro-Gun Legislation in the General Assembly

We previously posted about the agenda of gun rights advocates for the state of Tennessee in 2017, which include the end of gun free zones, the introduction of permitless carry laws, and the improvement of self-defense immunity laws.

So far, several bills have been introduced that tackle these issues, in addition to several others.

House Bill 27 and Senate Bill 24 would remove concealed carry permit requirements at firing ranges for veterans and current military members that have training in special forces, special operations, and military policing.

House Bill 752 and Senate Bill 983 would expand the right of self-defense to individuals granted protection orders by allowing them to obtain and carry a firearm for up to 60 days following the initial order. This exception would give these individuals the time needed to complete the Tennessee carry permit process, which is legally required for those who carry firearms in the state.

Other proposed legislation include House Bill 1006 and Senate Bill 861, which would grant immunity to individuals lawfully using a firearm “in self-defense, defense of another, or defense from a person committing criminal offense,” and House Bill 40 and Senate Bill 147 which would allow for permitless open carry of firearms for gun owners abiding by the law.

Anti-Gun Legislation in the General Assembly

The NRA and other pro-gun advocates are currently fighting three proposed laws in the General Assembly. This legislation includes House Bill 1319 and Senate Bill 1097 which would require firearm sales and transfers to be executed through gun dealers that are federally licensed, prohibiting private sales and transfers.

Other hotly-contested legislation includes House Bill 961 and Senate Bill 670 which would violate due process laws, allowing the state to issue temporary protection orders preventing firearm possession for individuals deemed to be a danger to others. Meanwhile, House Bill 962 and Senate Bill 671 would establish a “Do Not Sell” registry for firearms that would, in turn, make the transfer or sale of a firearm to individuals on this registry a criminal offense.

As you can see, it is going to be a busy year for gun rights advocates within the state of Tennessee. If you have any questions about current gun laws and training requirements within the state, feel free to contact us at our Nashville shooting range today! We are here to empower our clients through safety, training, and education.