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Are you ready for RED?

Are you ready for RED?

Looking for a location to ply your skills? Competitive in nature or maybe you need a little recoil therapy? Come out to Royal Range USA and sling some lead downrange with our new shooter’s league for those 55 and older. Men and women with dreams of a former life as a tier 1 operator, fanboys of Charles Bronson, Clint Eastwood, and John Wick, this is for you. Our customers have asked for it and now we are proud to offer our new shooting league,
Retired and Extremely Dangerous.

Age: 55 and up
Price: $15 for non-member/15% off for members: $12.75
When: 3rd Monday of each month at 1pm
Capacity: Limited to the first 30 participants to register
Rounds: 50rnds
Firearms: Centerfire handguns only
Ammo: Factory ammo, no reloads

Visit the Royal Range calendar and click on the R.E.D. link to register.

Please Note: Starting off there will be no drawing from a holster, start position will be from a table.