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New Firearm Legislation in Tennessee

New Firearm Legislation in Tennessee

In the state of Tennessee, 130 new laws took effect on July 1, 2017. Some of this new legislation includes the IMPROVE Act, which aims to increase tax revenue to fund $10 billion in overdue road projects by increasing taxes on gas and increasing fees for vehicle registration, as well as the Organized Retail Crime Prevention Act, which aims to curb shoplifting by expanding the definition of theft and enacting harsher penalties for shoplifting. Along with the dozens of new laws that took effect at the start of the month, there are two new pieces of firearm legislation which include a new law on the use of gun silencers and a new law regarding the use of guns on boats.

The Hearing Protection Act

The Hearing Protection Act, which was passed by the House of Representatives and signed by Governor Haslam in May 2017, legalizes the use of gun silencers, the use of which was previously prohibited in the state of Tennessee. Proponents of the bill included Representative Tilman Goins who argued that the new law will “allow lawful gun owners to enjoy the sport without disturbing their neighbors, without disturbing themselves and to have some extra safety precautions …”

A major victory for gun rights advocates across the state, this new legislation follows a national trend of reforming laws prohibiting the use of firearm suppressors. In fact, according to the American Suppressor Association, in the last six years, 18 states have passed legislation legalizing the use of silencers in hunting sports and three states have passed legislation making ownership of gun silencers legal.

Guns on Boats

Another firearm law that went into effect on July 1st includes the “loaded guns on boats bill,” which permits individuals that are legally permitted to possess firearms and ammunition to carry them on their own privately-owned boats. According to WBIR, this law does not allow for carry of loaded guns on government-owned boats or on privately-owned boats “with written policies prohibiting guns and ammunition for people who aren’t required to have them to work on board.”

Representative Micah Van Huss sponsored the bill, stating that the current law was unclear on the issue. According to Van Huss, the bill, now law in the state of Tennessee, will allow Tennessee residents to protect themselves, expanding on recent legislation allowing law-abiding citizens to possess firearms and ammunition in cars.

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