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A New Shooting League is in Town

A New Shooting League is in Town

Are you competitive in nature? Do you want to test your skills for personal self-defense? Are you tired of other forms of competitions that have too many rules that lead to gaming instead of applicable self defense ideology? Do you have a little bit of an outlaw attitude toward inane rules that obstruct your defensive goals? Royal Range USA is proud to introduce our very own Outlaw shooting league.

Phase 1 – Bowling Pin Division

Starting February 8, 2018
Open to all shooters
Cost for entry $25.
League will go for 12 weeks.
Matches will be held the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month starting at 6:00PM.
Winner of each division will receive $25 Royal Range gift card. Highest average with a minimum of 10 shoots.

Divisions – Handguns only

.22 caliber
Minor caliber .38, 9mm
Major caliber .357, .40, 45ACP, .44 mag., etc.
Unlimited – Race guns, optics, etc. (with timer)

Course of Fire

Tables will be set up with 5 spots in the front, middle, and rear of the table for specific divisions. Front for Major, middle for Minor, and rear for .22 caliber.

Firing positions will be 10, 12, 14, and 16 yards. Each distance will be completed before advancing.

2 shooters will shoot at the same time.


Shooter will have 12 rounds available.

1 point for knocking over a pin.

1 additional point for knocking the pin off the table.

This would be a total of 10 points for a clean shoot.

Additional they will receive 2 points for each round left unfired.

This will be possible total of 24 points for each round.

A shooter can receive a maximum total of 96 points after 4 stages.

Range Safety

All house safety rules apply.

Holsters or shooting bags (baskets) will be utilized.

1 RSO per shooter and 1 Range master controlling the contest.