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The price of being politically correct.

The price of being politically correct.

David French of the National Review recently wrote a piece entitled “The World is Too Comfortable with Terror,” in which he makes the case that, “The Western world knows the price it has to pay to decisively reduce the terror threat. It’s no longer willing to pay that price.”

Two Laws of Terrorism

According to French, there are two “laws of terrorism” that together result in terror attacks that occur with increasing frequency. The first of these “laws,” is that if terrorists are given safe havens in which they are able to plan, train for, and inspire terrorist attacks, they will do so. Along these lines French also states that these groups will continue to strike after safe havens are destroyed until all cells outside of these safe havens are destroyed.

The second “law” is that if nations bring in immigrants from regions that contain jihadist groups, they are also going to bring in the political views, religious, and cultural view that lead to jihad. Regarding this, French states, “Jihadist ideas flow not from soil but from people, and when you import people you import their ideas.”
French theorizes that these two laws are at work now, leading to an increase in terror attacks across Europe and the United States as safe havens have been set up in these regions following escalating violence in Syria.

The End of Bush Administration Policies

In this article, French also observes a sharp increase in domestic terror attacks on U.S. soil following the end of Bush administration policies on immigration and military strategy in the Middle East. He observes that following the end of Bush administration, there have been 68 terror plots or terror attacks within the United States, including high-profile attacks such as the Boston Marathon bombing, the shooting at Fort Hood, the tragic events in San Bernadino, and the massacre at an Orlando nightclub. French also states that there has been a higher incidence of terror plots within the United States following the emergence of ISIS in 2014 than during the entire Bush administration following the events of 9/11.

According to French, the Bush Administration was successful in decreasing terror attacks and threats on U.S. soil for a variety of reasons, which include his military strategy in the Middle East as well as his shift in U.S. policy surrounding immigration. This immigration policy shift included several temporary measures including one that slashed refugee admissions from specific nations. French also reminds readers that European allies including France, Germany, and England participated in Bush-era military offensives.

What Has Changed?

Addressing the shift in the approach to combatting terror in both Europe and the United States, French concludes that “Western democracies would rather face an increased terror risk than make the sacrifices that have been proven to mitigate the danger.” He cites a political climate that is resistant to increasing military ground presence in countries in the Middle East, as well as U.S. resistance to travel bans on immigrants from certain nations proposed by the Trump administration. It is this political climate that is resistant to stricter immigration policies and increased military offensives, that French thinks will lead to the continuation and increase of terrorist attacks in both Europe and the United States.

What Can You Do?

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