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31 lanes large and rated up to 50-caliber, Royal Range offers the largest and most unique range experience in the Southeast.

Indoor Shooting Range


From the very beginning, the vision for Royal Range was to be the very best training facility of its kind in this region: an unparalleled, flexible training space capable of hosting beginners, competition shooters, and military and law enforcement agencies alike. Working with both architects and firearm experts, we considered every angle, every door, every inch of shooting space, noise control, and ventilation—everything with our guests, their safety, and their experience in mind. The result? A state of the art shooting range for nearly any training scenario.

That’s why we’re proud of our place, proud of our 31 firing lanes, force-on-force training and indoor archery range. When you come to shoot for recreation, competition or training, you’ll find everything you need (and more!) to take your skill set to a whole new level.

Come experience Nashville’s premiere indoor firearms training center. Discover your new home on the range:

Shooting Range Pricing

Tactical Range: $25/hr (18yds)
Pistol Range: $20/hr (15 yds)
Rifle Range: $30/hr (57 yds)

Add a Person to a Lane:  $10
Maximum of 3 persons per lane

Archery Range: $15 Unlimited (20yds)

Rental FIrearms

Come in and try one of our rental options. Rentals are available on a first come, first serve basis.
$20 each for Handgun and Rifle Rentals.

Glock 42
Glock 43
Glock 19 Gen 3
Glock 19 Gen 4
Glock 23 Gen 3
Glock 23 Gen 4
Glock 17 Gen 4
Glock 21 Gen 4

Chiappa Rhino 6”

S&W M&P Pro 9mm
S&W Shield 9mm
S&W M&P 22c
S&W M&P Bodyguard .380
S&W Airweight 38spl


Sig Sauer P238 SAS
Sig Sauer P239 SAS
Sig Sauer P938
Sig Sauer P320C
Sig Sauer 1911 C3

Ruger LCP .380
Ruger LCR 38spl
Ruger LC9S 9mm
Ruger MKII .22LR

Kahr PM9 9mm
Kahr P40 .40
Kahr P45 .45

Taurus PT24/7 .45
Browning Black Label 1911-22LR
Walther P22 22LR
Beretta U22 Neos 22LR

Colt M4 W/ Fostech Bumpfire
Royal Range Built AR-15
S&W M&P15 Sport II
S&W M&P 15-22
AK47 WASR W/ Fostech
Mossberg 500

Tactical Gun Range


Range 1, our tactical shooting range, is the Royal Range show pony, with a maximum effectiveness of 18-yards that can handle any rifle indigenous to North America. Featuring a targeted system operated by each individual user on a touch screen, Range 1 targets are capable of running toward and away, spinning, with both ‘friend and foe’ and ‘running man’ options. It also features a full-range of state-of-the-art lighting options, as well as a sliding armored door for training how to shoot in, out and around vehicles. Test your skills or learn from the best using this shooting range.

Pistol Shooting Range


Range 2, our pistol range, features nine 15-yard lanes, a traditional cable-operated system operated by iPad touchscreen, and is appropriate for all available calibers.

Rifle Shooting Range


Range 3, our rifle range, is the longest in the state of TN, with 57 actual yards, capable of sustaining up to 50-caliber heavy machine gun fire. Using advanced technology, Range 3 is controlled similarly to the tactical Range 1, with a true rail, target retrieval system, faster than any type of wire system and with the same state-of-the-art programming capabilities. If you’re looking for a shooting range to practice your long range shots, this is your best bet.


Come and refine your skills while enjoying our beautiful indoor archery range.


Experience what police and military do when searching for suspects in this ‘force on force’ environment. Shoot daylight and lowlight scenarios with simunition rounds, hunting bad guy targets while being hunted.  You will be prepped and evaluated by professional instructors during this course.


Have any questions about our shooting ranges? Contact us today! We are happy to answer any questions you have about our facility.