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Universal Martial Arts Systems

Course Description

Universal Martial arts is a comprehensive curriculum with an emphasis on real life direct application. This material has been utilized for civilian’s personal protection, competition, recreation, military, law enforcement, corrections and security personnel nationally and internationally.

Beginner phase classes are based on training that begins with stand up fighting fundamentals that include western and eastern methods of boxing that lead into close quarter combative and ground fighting.

Training is physically demanding. Controlled contact with the proper safety equipment will be included in this training.

Experienced phase classes will be an extension of the basic curriculum with the addition of Kali/Stick, edged weapon training as well as integrating the various styles that are represented in the appropriate range of an altercation. Weapons carry, deployment, retention and transition training for both firearms, blunt and edged weapons will be addressed.

The Curriculum Includes

Boxing: Western, Eastern, Jun Fan / Wie Chuan Lum

Thai Kick Boxing: This style combines punching, elbows, knees, kicking and clinching. Thai fighters are among the most respected in the world.

Kali:This is the art of Filipino weapons. It is a very well rounded art that can be adapted to virtually any weapon, including empty hands, kicks and grappling.

Trapping:Jun Fan / Bruce Lee method. Trapping is a medium/close range art that is noted for its “economy of movements” and aggressive attacking techniques.

Grappling:The grappling is taught in a Jeet Kune Do (J.K.D.) format that includes material from grappling systems, such as Freestyle wrestling, Russian Sambo, Shoot Wrestling and Ju Jitsu.

We will offer group, semi-private classes and clinics.

About the Instructor

Instructor Kevin Johnson studied as a private student with Sifu Larry Hartsell. Larry was one of Bruce Lee’s original students and founded the Jeet Kune Do Grappling Association. Johnson was certified as a full instructor in 2006. Along with numerous instructors influence the Universal Martial Arts curriculum was developed and is being offered here at the Royal Range.