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Whatever your ability level, it’s time to step it up.

At Royal Range, we are dedicated to empowering and teaching women self-defense tactics for personal safety and for the safety of those around you.

Sign up for one of our Scheduled Courses below, or get in contact with us to build your own private training course.  Bring your group out to the range or let us travel to you!


Ladies, discover your inner bad-ass. Empower and arm yourself with  the basics of firearm ownership, safety and shooting—for protection and for sport—and have a great time doing it!

This class will exceed the state requirement for a handgun carry permit, covering related laws, use of deadly force, liability, basic safety and maintenance, and how to apply and receive your permit. Extra time will be spent on fundamentals and basic gun handling skills to make you as safe as possible.

COST:  $95.00
LENGTH:  8 hours

Must Obtain Confirmation Number from the State prior to class: https://apps.tn.gov/handgun/


  • State Confirmation Number
  • Reliable Handgun (rentals available if needed)
  • 50 rounds of practice ammunition
  • Eye and ear protection


Women’s Practice Night
4th Tuesday of Every Month: 6-8pm

$15 Entrance if you bring your own firearm and Ammo.
$25 Entrance to use Rentals Available + Box of Ammo (50 rnds of 9mm)

LENGTH: 2 Hours

Tired of playing with the boys? Come out to a Pistols practice for an entirely different shooting experience!  No membership required, just show up.  This Meet-up is for Women Only!!!

Come try out our top 4 Carry Pistol Recommendations…. We will have multiple pistols availble for test fire, free with entrance fee.

All ability levels welcome. Ages 14+.
This is an open invitation, so bring a friend!

Beginners, this is your chance to try something new.
Experienced shooters; come get some practice in and learn from other accomplished shooters.

We will have firearms available for those that don’t have their own. There will be a different 9mm pistol provided on each lane to work with.

We encourage you to bring your own pistol if you have one!
If you would like to use the rentals provided, you must purchase ammo from Royal Range directly.

If you are new to practice, please arrive on time for the required safety briefing and introduction to the league!

Dedicated to the education, empowerment, and development of women with firearms; by fostering an environment of support and camaraderie for women of all ages and ability levels.


Take control of your personal safety by learning awareness and avoidance skills as well as effective self-defense techniques to prevent yourself from becoming a victim.
This will be an active class, so please wear comfortable clothing and shoes!
COST: $40
LENGTH: 3 Hours
Ages 14+.
All abilities welcomed.

For scheduling private courses, contact the Training Director;
Retired Sergeant Bob Allen: ballen@royalrangeusa.com