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Course will be held at Loretta Lynn Ranch.

Course will be held at Loretta Lynn Ranch.

5 Day Professional Rifle & Pistol Course (outdoors)

The 5-Day Pro Rifle and Pistol course utilizes the vast landscape to incorporate working as an individual and team. Emphasis on employing your rifle, pistol, skills and knowledge to overcome the challenges are part of each evolution. Drills will focus on; movements, target acquisition at varying distances and positons, man-down/patient rescue, communication, night/low-light maneuvers, teamwork. If you want to excel your rifle and pistol skills, this course stresses the mind and body to see how you will perform in a firefight. This course is not for those unable or unwilling to participate.

Cost: $1,200
Length: 5 Days


Required Equipment:

 Carbine/Rifle (5.56, .223, 7.62)
Mid to Full Size Pistol
Strong Side Holster
Sling for Carbine/Rifle
Sturdy Belt or Battlebelt
Rifle Magazine Pouches
3 Rifle Magazines
5 Pistol Magazines
Pistol Magazine Pouches
Carbine/Rifle Mounted Light
Handheld or Pistol Mounted Light
Eye and Ear Protection
Hydration System/Bottle
Gloves (optional)
Knee/Elbow Pads (optional)
Season and Weather appropriate clothing
Sunscreen and Insect Repellent
Roll of Masking Tape
Pen and Paper
Firearm Cleaning Kit
600 rounds of pistol range ammo
600 rounds of carbine/rifle range ammo


Class Minimum 6
Class Maximum 12