Shane Kerwin, aka “Doc K” is the Founder and Lead Instructor for Personal Survival Solutions, LLC, additionally I have the honor of instructing at Royal Range USA in Nashville Tennessee. I started my way down the pathway of tactical training and personal survival solutions as a young child. In the fall of 1993, I heard the calling of those before me and decided to serve my country in the U.S. Army. I entered the service and was stationed at the Joint Security Area along the DMZ in Korea. Serving in the DMZ Scout Platoon, sparked my desire to serve in small specially trained units. Upon my completion of duty in Korea, I was assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division, where I once again was assigned to a 4-man Scout Platoon that was part of the 3/505th PIR, where I served the next two years, specializing in reconnaissance and sniper operations. After a brief break in service, I returned to the same unit and duty. While this was challenging and exciting duty, I wanted to continue to push myself and attended the Special Forces Assessment and Selection in the summer of 1999, where I was selected for the prestigious Special Forces Medical Sergeants course. Upon graduation I was assigned, in September 2002, to the 3rd Battalion, 5th Special Forces Groups as a junior Medical Sergeant. Serving continually within the 5th Group, for the next 16 years, I have held the positions of junior and senior Medical Sergeant, Company senior Medical Sergeant, Special Operations Target Interdiction Course (SOTIC) senior Cadre and Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge, Company Operations Sergeant, and Detachment Operations Sergeant (Team Sergeant). During my tenure, with the 5th SFG(A), I have deployed 7 times in the Global War on Terrorism, additionally as a singleton to the Middle East with naval Special Operations and had trips to Asia and Central American. Upon my retirement in August of 2018, with 24 years of service, I wanted to give back and formed Personal Survival Solutions, LLC to provide training and survival solutions to those that care about their personal safety, the welfare of their families, and want to be better members of their communities. 

See below for a complete list of training courses and certifications. This list is ever changing, as I consider myself an eternal student and wish to continue to better myself and bring the most recent, relevant, and realistic training the we can offer. 

Training Courses Attended 

U.S. Military Courses: 

· Advanced Marksmanship and Sniper Operations (40hrs) – 1st SFG(A) 

· U.S. Army Ranger School 

· Registered Emergency Medical Technician - Basic 

· Registered Emergency Medical Technician – Paramedic 

· Special Operations Combat Medic Course 

· Special Forces Medical Sergeants Course 

· Survive, Resist, Evade, and Escape (SERE) – High Risk (Level C) 

· Special Forces Sniper Course (Level I) 

· Special Operations Target Interdiction Course (Level II) 

· Special Operations Combat Medical Skills Sustainment Course – times 7 (Most Recent 2018) 

· Operational and Emergency Medical Skills Course – (75hrs) 

· AM General – Advanced Mobility/BDAR Training Program 

· Jump Master Course – Master Parachutist 

· Special Forces Advanced Urban Combat Course, 19th SFG(A) – (180hrs) 

· Special Forces Advanced Urban Combat Course, 5th SFG(A) – (180hrs) 

· Defense Against Surreptitious Entry – (40hrs) 

· Covet Building Entry – (60hrs) 

· NEK Jedburgh Course 

· 5th SFG Concealed Carry Pistol Course 

Civilian Training

· Tactical Defense Institute 

· Level I-III Handgun 

· Extreme Close Quarters 

· Shivworks – Craig Douglas 

· In-Extreme Knife - (4hrs) 

· Extreme Close Quarters Concepts – (16hrs) 

· Solo Soldier Initiative Deficit Skills (SOLSIDS) – (40hrs) 

· Valhalla – Rob Pincus 

· Combat Focus Instructor Development Course 

· Extreme Close Quarters Tactics 

· Personal Responsibility Inc. 

· Tactical Carbine I 

· Tactical Shotgun 

· Tactical Response 

· Tactical Response (Aaron Little) – Practical Edge Weapons 

· Tactical Response (Aaron Little) – Unarmed Combatives 

· Tactical Pistol 

· Tactical Rifle 

· Fighting Shotgun (Allen Webb) 

· Way of the Rifle (Paul Gomez)– (40hrs) 

· Crisis Resolution Training Consultants (Bennie Cooley) 

· Crisis Resolution Training Consultants – 3-Gun Course 

· Atlantic Coast Tactical Shooting Clinics – 3-Gun Course 

· Additional Training Venues 

· SigArms Academy – Tactical Marksman Observer (40hrs) 

· T.E.E.S – Hostage Rescue/High Risk Warrant 

· Blackwater Training Center – Two Day Pistol (Jody Taylor) 

· Mid-South Institute of Self-Defense Shooting – 5 Day Pistol and Rifle Course 

· Combative Handgun – Combative Pistol (Dave Spaulding) 

· Scientific Fighting Congress – Knife/Counter-Knife Combatives Level I 

· FNH USA * LEUPOLD – Long Range Precision Competition 

· Surefire Tactical Illumination Specialist Course 

· Glock Armor 


· National Tactical Officers Association 

· Ohio Tactical Officers Association 

· Tennessee Sheriff’s Association 

· American Sniper Association 

· Special Operations Medical Association 

· Special Forces Association – Chapter 38 

Medical Certifications: 

· Basic Life Support 

· Advanced Cardiac Life Support 

· Pediatric Education for Prehospital Professionals 

· Advanced Tactical Practitioner 

Conference Speaker: 

· Rangemaster Polite Society – 2012, 2013 

Operational Deployment History: 

· Operation Iraqi Freedom – OIF I, II, III 

· Kuwait x 2 

· Bahrain and Saudi Arabia – With NSW 3 

· Jordan – Syria Train and Equip x 2 

· Lebanon 

· Panama 

· Thailand 

· Korea