General Manager Royal Range USA

For almost a decade I worked as a private military contractor in Afghanistan and Iraq for both the U.S. Department of State and the Department of Defense. I was involved as a lead tactical trainer, rapid response team leader, and a manager of K9 patrol explosive detector dog teams providing base security along with personal security detail for visiting heads of state.

I returned stateside in May 2015, and after an impromptu stop at Royal Range USA in Nashville, Tn., it made sense to join the team. “Safety and education are the backbone of what we provide here at Royal Range USA,”.  I am currently in the role of general manager at Royal Range USA.

I am married with 2 sons, and 2 step sons. My wife Carmen and I live outside metropolitan Nashville in the hills of middle Tennessee. Join me on my blog journey, The “Art” of War. I will touch on firearms industry trends and 2ndAmendment issues, all with a tinge of old school values and insight from an old warhorse whose life has been shaped by a belief in God, Family, and patriotic values.