With the recent tragedy in Florida, the call for gun-control has once again been renewed and strengthened with the AR-15 front and center as its poster-child of scary guns that must immediately be outlawed. Legislation has been proposed at state and federal levels ranging from banning future sales of the AR-15 to outright bans of semi-automatic firearms for sale or even possession by law-abiding citizens. We see calls for changing the legal age for purchasing a firearm of any type, banning of accessories, confiscation without due process or method of appeal (sure it exists in theory, but our justice system has long since rid itself of innocent until proven guilty requirement replaced with a system that assigns guilt unless you have the cash to buy your way out).

What we are seeing is an all-out attack from the far left, and acquiescence from the center left to center right, not only on our 2nd amendment rights, but the 4thamendment as well. (To take it a step further, the entire bill of rights is under attack, but that is for another day.) We fought a war over these issues. We gained the reputation of being a people who, yes, I’m stealing it from the meme, will “cross a frozen river to kill you, in your sleep, on Christmas.”  Think I’m crazy? Maybe a little but let’s take a journey down the slippery slope and see what the removal of a single amendment could cause.

Slowly, but surely, every law that passes that puts restrictions on the private ownership of firearms sends us one step closer to the loss of the liberties we still retain. Today, it’s the bump-fire stock being banned. An accessory. Not even a firearm, but an accessory. Don’t own one? You’re not affected then, right? Tomorrow the ban will be on trigger enhancements. But wait, my 3lb single stage drop-in trigger is included in this? Something went wrong with that law, surely, they didn’t mean to affect people like me with a trigger like this? Next the regulators decide that all newly manufactured firearms require a permanent NYC style 12lb trigger to prevent accidents and keep the public safe. I suppose you are only affected if you want a new firearm, and who wants those? And on down the slope we go until eventually:

News flash: 2nd Amendment repealed. Private ownership of firearms and ammunition is no longer legal. Citizens have a 30-day amnesty period to report to Federal Firearms Disposal Centers that have been set up throughout the nation and surrender all firearms and ammunition. Any citizen that fails to do so and retain either firearms, ammunition, or both, will be guilty of a violation of SAFE Citizens Act of 2024 punishable by a fine of up to $10,000 per violation and 10 years in Prison.

So now what? Assuming the majority of firearms owners will not submit to violation of basic rights, how does the government intend to execute this law? Well, the 2ndamendment was repealed, so why not officially modify the 4th amendment. Probable cause is no longer a requirement for search and seizure, mere suspicion by the government will suffice. Oh, and if any firearms are found when your home is being searched, your home and possessions are at jeopardy as well as they were used for the purposes of concealing illegal weapons… Of course, there are an infinite number of variables that would make it impractical to attempt to confiscate all firearms or imprison those still possessing them, at least right now. But what about 30 years from now, or even just a decade? Even if we only give an inch, keep giving them, and you eventually have given a mile.

Could it get this bad? History tells us, yes. It could get this bad, it has been this bad. Again, we fought a war over this type of behavior. My point is to reiterate the words of Benjamin Franklin – “Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety”.  Just because you are not directly or immediately affected by a piece of legislation does not mean you will not be by the next step. Remember, our Constitution and Bill of Rights were meant to instruct the government on what it could do, not what it was restrained from doing. If the founding documents are silent, the government should be as well. Where the documents speak, they are required to listen and obey. They (the government) are supposed to work for the people. Of all the rights protected, the right to bear arms is the single right that protects all the others and provides citizens with the ability to ensure that the government works for them. Remember, be aware, be prepared.