EPISODE VI: Do not get C-Locked

I get asked a lot of questions at Royal Range. Questions like; 1. How tall are you? 2. Is that your real hair color?  3. Why would your wife be with you? 4. Is Scott here? And my all-time favorite, 5.  What’s up with you and Jerry?

Here are the short answers to those questions; 1. 6’8” 2. Yes, but if you could buy it, it would be called “Cool Badass Thor”   3. It’s a mystery to everyone, especially me.  4. I don’t know, Jeff.  5. Don’t worry about it.

On the other side of the spectrum comes questions from our customers. I would say that the most frequently asked question from customers is “what’s the best firearm to have”? Since at Royal Range we only sell quality firearms, you really can’t go wrong, but in my humble opinion, you should choose one from a major manufacture with a positive track record.  Your firearms should suit your needs and it should be the right fit for you. You should also find it cool. Just saying.

Another common question is “how do I become, more situationally aware”?

This is an important question, albeit, not always easy to answer. Situational awareness varies from person to person through different lifestyles and surroundings.  For instance, a person travelling to Afghanistan to conduct business is in a much different situation than a person out and about in Downtown Nashville. Despite being worlds apart, there is a principal that connects these two people: The belief and understanding that there are evil people out there and these evil people will do them harm. Without this belief system in place it is very difficult, if not impossible, to spot and avoid dangerous situations because you have your head in the cultural sand.

It is my belief this principal is the most important piece, the foundation, of the defensive, situational awareness mindset. The PC, “my feelings are offended” Crowd has pushed their “don’t ever judge anyone for any reason (unless they disagree with me)” agenda to the point that the practicing of good situational awareness is now offensively wrong, because people could get their feelings hurt. So, these, “I listen to the social justice warrior” crowd (aka Sheeple), put in their earbuds, pull up their hoodie hoods and march into potential oblivion, while they are checking their twitter posts and making sure their selfies show just how much an instrument of the fight against fascists they are. But at least they aren’t hurting anybody’s feelings. Thumbs up, good job, you f-ing knuckle heads.  This is what I call, (Cultural Loss of Consciousness) or (C-LOC) and I believe it to be the biggest threat to our families, our communities, and ourselves.

When I teach Active Aggressor Training or Situational Awareness type training I recommend a book, “The Survivors Club”, by Ben Sherwood. This book chronicles the real stories of everyday people who were involved in different types of potentially deadly situations and how they survived. It tells the stories of the mindset that helped them survive, the mindset, that in some ways, lead them into these situations, and what they learned from these experiences. This book was written through interviewing the actual people involved, and for me, it is an honest, powerful, and educational read.

One story that always stood out to me, was that of a woman who was alone in a sparsely occupied building late at night and was waiting for the elevator. When the elevator door opened, she saw a male inside and he immediately made her feel uncomfortable. She knew something wasn’t right and she was scared. She also felt that it would be rude to not get on the elevator because the man inside might be offended. Against all her better instincts she got on that elevator. She was raped and nearly killed. But for the grace of God she lived to tell, but a hard lesson was learned. Humans are part of the animal kingdom and we are supplied with some similar protective instincts. These instincts are very effective, but only if we don’t ignore them. When Peter Parker feels his Spidey Sense tingling, he doesn’t just sit there drinking his coffee with Mary Jane, thinking to himself,” Isn’t that interesting”. No, he jumps up, throws some cash and cab fare on the table, gets that suit on and gets ready to kick some Doc Oc Ass. Sure Mary Jane gets pissed, but that’s life, she will get over it or she won’t. Don’t get on the elevator. Offend the F*** out of whoever you must to feel safe. Spiderman knows when you sense danger, danger may be coming., DO NOT IGNORE IT! Retrain your brain that it is ok to offend people. It is ok to be rude, especially when your safety is involved.

I’m from New Jersey. I offend at least seven people a day here in Tennessee, and sometimes I’m not even trying to. Rudeness saves lives. I realize that being from New Jersey I have the advantage of not being offended and not caring if I offend those around me. This is a skill that is cultivated all through our formative years. It is a necessary Jersey survival tool that all responsible Jersey Parents teach their kids. We are nice until its time not to be nice. I call it “Tactical Rudeness”. Trust me, it works like a charm. I may be on to something, note to self, pitch “Tactical Rudeness Class” to Art. I think It’s time to take this concept NATIONWIDE. The point is, leaving Mary Jane at the table may be rude, and Mary Jane may be offended, but there are lives in danger, and proper etiquette must be tossed to the side when it’s time to get down to business. If Spiderman can offend MJ and be alright with it, then you can offend some creepy stranger on the street. This concept may in and of itself be offensive to some of you but, I say, “F the creepy stranger on the street”, you and your family’s lives are important than Creepo’s soft assed feelings. Mary Jane always forgives Spiderman. Spiderman recognizes danger. Then Spiderman reacts to that danger. Be like Spiderman.

C-Loc, (Cultural Loss of Consciousness) is a take on the term generally used in aerospace physiology called G-Loc, (Gravitational Loss of Consciousness) where pilots lose consciousness due to exposure to sustained and excessive G Forces. C-LOC is caused by a sustained exposure to political correctness, liberalism, and the general weakening of our entire culture.

People don’t become SHEEPLE because they are inherently stupid, they follow the crowd because it’s trendy. BUT, trendy sucks and trendy is dangerous. Sheeple start to listen to the easily offended yogurt and granola eating dipsters that are so happy to live their blissful unaware lives in a coffee shop, believing that the bad things only happen to others, that they soon begin to believe the same thing. Cultural indoctrination camps, (IE colleges and educational systems) teach fairness, tolerance, and everybody wins because they participated. They seem to promote tolerance and diversity in all things, except diversity of thought. If you don’t believe this, browse the internet for video on the recent school walkouts. Many of these walkers seemed united in using this event to get a school sanctioned day off. While others were united in tearing down American flags and damaging police vehicles. What I failed to see, was very much honoring of those poor people killed by some demonic monster. The policies put in place to stop these incidents either failed due to lack of implementation, or the policies themselves were ineffective. But, only one side of the argument was represented, the side of having armed good guys in the building to stop the bad guys seemed to be demonized. Some schools reportedly suspended students who did not participate in the walkout simply because they did not want to be part of what they believed to be a political social agenda they did not agree with. I heard from friends with children in the local school system, that their children were bullied for not participating. True tolerance in action, right there. This is C-Loc in action, group think that focus on symptoms of the problem, instead of the solution. Metal detectors, locked doors., gun free zone signs, anti- bullying programs, background checks and armed police officers were all in place and this did not stop anything. Why? Because the human element failed. No mention of that in these walkouts. Why? Because in my opinion, the culture, drives these school administrations to force the police and security leaders to water down response and bend to political correctness. Sometimes there is no response at all. It’s sad, dangerous, and deadly. This is why they go along with blaming the gun, there are many instances when guns stopped these murderous rampages before they could get started. No mention of these situations, I guess they didn’t fit the agenda. These political correctness/anti- gun warriors seem to be constantly given the loudest voices, in the struggle to keep these school children safe. Why? They use every excuse to avoid the obvious, we need more good guys with weapons. Taking security advice from these people, is like asking a vegan how to grill a steak.

I’ve been given a voice. Perhaps my voice is small, but with that voice I want to do what I can to prevent the totally preventable. To awaken people to the danger of the SHEEPLE/ VICTIM mentality. Forget the crowd, the crowd doesn’t care about you and your family, that takes the power of rugged individualism, sometimes you have to stand alone. Be rude when needed, hurt feelings, offend people, trust me, these concepts help save lives. It may be difficult, but nothing of importance is ever easy. But, I believe Tactical Rudeness is the key to breaking the C-LOC. Spread the word. It’s your duty. Be careful and God Bless.

Carl Fuerst-The Fuerst Option
RSO, Trainer, Blogger

The Fuerst Option Safety Suggestion

One especially for the ladies, If you’re out on a first date, or blind date, upon your introductions request to see the gentleman’s drivers license and take a picture on your phone and send it to two trusted friends. Pre plan this and make it show and be obvious and tell the gentleman and what you’re doing. If he is a good guy, he will gladly do it, and probably think it’s a smart idea. If he has a problem with it, you or refuses, he is not a good guy, so leave the date immediately, right after you take his picture and send that, just to ensure you get home safely. It’s the practice of Tactical Rudeness. If you find a love connection, with a good guy, you’ll have a fun story to tell. You can give this advice to daughters, sisters and friends. Be Safe out there.