EPISODE III: The Hollywood Cesspool

I love movies and scripted television shows. Well, I used to anyway. I especially love action movies. I cut my teeth on the old school cop shows and movies like Starsky and Hutch (70s TV show, not that crap movie), S.W.A.T., Dirty Harry, Chuck Norris, Die Hard, all that stuff. True good guy heroes, none of these conflicted, half social justice warriors, blaming themselves for society’s ills.

The cops on today’s television shows are portrayed as being as bad as the criminals themselves; drinking and drugging on the job, doing illegal shit. This is what you get when you have writers from depraved Hollywood, projecting their warped beliefs onto heroic occupations like police, first responders and the military. In almost all of today’s shows the terrorist villain is an American military guy or law enforcement member with some grievance. Today’s shows have the military guys covering up some evil plot hatched by their special operations unit, who went rogue. It’s nonsense. It’s worse than nonsense, it’s garbage! Message to Hollywood, “The good guys don’t go around purposefully killing innocent people, that would be the bad guys.” Then again, it’s not like anyone in that town has the balls to portray the truth (half of them had them removed!).

All this bullshit is propaganda, and I’m sick of it! I’ve been pretty much straight and narrow my whole life. No drugs and rarely alcohol. To this day, I’ve never even smoked…and I grew up in the seventies and eighties! Hell, just about everybody at least smoked! The portrayal of true heroes with American values that I watched on Television and in the Movies, guided me, especially during my impressionable years. My views and my support of law enforcement were not always viewed favorably by my peers but, I drew strength from My Celluloid Heroes. I knew where I stood, and I knew there were others out there, who were also standing for similar values. To this day, I hope it’s clear where I stand, if not, I’m not saying it loud enough.

One of my favorite action stars has always been Chuck Norris. I always knew where Chuck Norris stood. It was usually on some dirt bags neck. My dad also loved Chuck Norris. Besides his family, my dad didn’t love all that much. He also loved Torrington 100 cigarettes, hot dogs, Ronald Reagan, The New York Mets, S&W Handguns, and this place called “The Gentleman’s Club”. Dad said it was a dance hall, but I wasn’t allowed to go. Apparently neither was mom. She hated that place. I guess mom wasn’t into “dancing”. My dad went a lot. Apparently, he could really cut a rug… But, I digress. When I was growing up, the police and military characters I watched, were portrayed as true good upstanding heroes. They were inspiring. They inspired me. It’s sad knowing what we know now about the depraved and horrific goings on in Hollywood. Is it any wonder these dirt bags don’t know what true heroes are? How can they write about them?

What I have noticed, is that the films and shows, where the heroes are depicted as brave, hardworking, and compassionate, seem to be based on true stories. Movies such as, 13 Hours, Dunkirk, and Patriots Day, were excellent films, with minimal “Hollywood hates all things Americana” themes running through them.

I’m sick of this bullshit, and apparently so is America. Movie ticket sales are down at least twenty percent. While the fact that Hollywood pumps out crap faster and more efficiently than a sewer plant, I’m sure these preachy actors and self-proclaimed celebrities haven’t helped. The genital hat wearing inhabitants of the morally bankrupt Hollywood Culture have some balls, pun intended, preaching to us about morality. The Hollywood culture seems to sit by on their collective hands, while some creepy F’ers sexually harass and abuse women. What a disgrace! These dirt bags don’t deserve to make movies about heroes. You should be heroic or at least understand what it means to have courage, before you make stories about heroes. I’ve known many men and women in the police, first responder and military communities, and I tell you this, none of them would sit by and let some dirt bag abuse women and children, and then joke about it on award shows. Not the people I’ve come to know and respect! These men and women stand up to evil and push the cowards out of their way.

Abusers suck, bullies suck and all of them should be stood up to. I believe it’s time for shows and movies to depict these men and women as the hero’s they really are, battling real terrorists and real evil doers. I believe that America is craving these types of movies that celebrate the brave heroic values that make America the greatest nation the World has ever known. These Hollywood dirt bags apparently don’t have the moral compass or the stones to make movies like that anymore. If I lived in that demon culture, I’d hate the police too! Sadly, Hollywood and the entertainment industry often drive the culture. To water down the true purveyors of evil and give them some moral relevance to the people that fight them, is not only disrespectful to the brave but it is dangerous to the citizens in the culture you are influencing. There are bold lines between good and evil, make no mistake, the good people understand that. The good and informed people try to teach and make the uninformed aware. It’s our duty to shine light on evil. This concept is apparently lost on Hollywood.

Now that the curtain has been pulled back on Hollywood’s culture of corruption, it may be difficult to believe that there are any stand up people left. It’s hard to believe there is anybody left in Hollywood with the moral capacity to understand goodness and what it takes to stand up to real evil. Unfortunately, many times people are a product of the company they keep, but I believe there are good people left in the entertainment industry. I must believe it, I must have hope. Hope is what this is all about! Preserving the future. The television and movie industry drive the culture. Apparently, many people driving the culture engine are creepy as F@#%!

There is a culture war going on in America. Anarchists and snowflake “social justice warriors” wage war by blocking roads, marching and wearing hoodies and masks tearing down traditional American values. Patriots protest with their wallets, and many movie theater seats are empty. That’s sending a positive message. Maybe it’s working a little and maybe Hollywood is getting the message. A positive sign, the new movie 12 Strong, is coming out in January. This movie is based on the true story of the American Special Forces, Horse Soldiers in Afghanistan in the early days of the War on Terror. I’m calling all fellow Patriots to go out and support this movie. Let’s send another message. We want movies and television about heroes that fight real evil.  Maybe the Hollywood cesspool can be drained right out the same sewer plant their shitty movies come out of.

God bless.

Carl Fuerst-The Fuerst Option
RSO, Trainer, Blogger

The Fuerst Option Safety Suggestion

Remember everybody, when you are out and about try to pay a little more attention to your surroundings and the people in your surroundings, and a little less attention to your cell phone. The bad guys are watching you, be sure to be watching out for them.