Dramatic Drop in Law Enforcement Officer Deaths in 2017, I wonder why?

EPISODE II: Dramatic Drop in Law Enforcement Officer Deaths in 2017, I wonder why?

Well, well, well… There was a dramatic drop in law enforcement officer deaths in 2017. This year ranked second lowest for the number of law enforcement officer deaths in the past fifty years. The lowest ever was in 2013. I would like to say this is a surprising development, but it is not surprising to me at all. Sadly, there were 128 officers killed in the line of duty this year and that is 128 too many. My heart breaks for their families, but the fact that law enforcement officer deaths are down, is encouraging.

I attribute this development to a both a change in our country’s top leaders and these leader’s attitudes in support of law enforcement. This support has appeared to bolster the country’s support of law enforcement in the past year. The police are no longer portrayed as the villains, as they regularly have been in the past few years. I am a retired law enforcement officer and I unapologetically support law enforcement. Not bad law enforcement officers. Not the rare, and I mean rare, power abusers that are out there and always make the news. I’m talking about the hardworking men and women, who do the right thing, on a daily basis, risking their lives for the people in their communities, even for the people who hate and vilify them. I doubt the police haters, would ever have the balls or temperament to do the job law enforcement officers do every day under such stressful and dangerous conditions.

Why is this cultural change important to us as a country and a community? How do these cultural changes make us all feel safer? Here’s my theory: When the country is reminded that attacks on law and order will not be ignored, and anarchy will not be tolerated, the culture becomes less violent. Perhaps the good people are a little less on edge, including the police, who begin to feel support from the community. The good law abiding members of the community feel safe walking the streets and attending events. The law breaking anarchists begin to feel less emboldened, and lose interest.  For instance, what has happened to Antifa and all these other anarchist type groups that seemed to be marching every weekend, over the past few years, turning violent and destructive, often with impunity?

Some community’s political leaders have actually told the police to stand down and give these violent criminals areas to destroy. Police departments handing out hot cocoa to anarchists blocking roads and endangering the communities they are assigned to protect? Sounds like the politicians can’t have their anarchist supporters being left out in the cold! Their idea? –> Let’s use the city’s tax dollars to buy cocoa and blankets for these A-HOLES, what a disgrace! The way the winds of political change are blowing now, I get the feeling that shit like that is no longer going to be tolerated. I also get the feeling that these so called “Badass” anarchists have got the same feeling. I guess the D-Bags who rioted in DC at the Presidential Inauguration last January being charged federally and facing ten years in prison was a swift kick to their non-existent balls. Apparently, there are consequences to your actions. Public school restorative justice policies are a myth in the real world.

And let’s talk about irony… The best is these idiots broke windows at a Starbucks. Isn’t that the unofficial club house of these morons?  They also destroyed and burnt a limo of a Muslim Immigrant, who was actually contributing to his community, unlike these uninformed and stupid sheeple in black hoodies and masks.  Where are they now? Have they have disappeared, given up, like a personal trainer assigned to a six-hundred-pound lifer? Gone like evil clown sightings? Gone like the buffet table contents in front of Michael Moore? These group sightings and movements have become as sparse as filled seats in an NFL stadium. You know where they are? They’re hiding, like the bitches they are. Their upper support has gone away, and the real spirit of the American People is roaring back into style.

We want to succeed and make this country a safe and productive place for our families and everybody in our communities. The culture is changing, and while there is hope, there are still evil and dangers out there. Be vigilant, be prepared, and spread the word of the necessity of situational awareness. There is still a lot to do. But, to all my fellow Active and Retired Brothers and Sisters in Law Enforcement, know this:  You have many of us in the community that love, support, and pray for your safety every day. I’m sure I speak for many when I say, THANK YOU!

To all the recovering sheeple, so called “social justice warriors”, and presently confused anarchists out there… get some knowledge, get out from behind the computer, get out from behind the espresso machine, get a girlfriend or boyfriend and get out from your parent’s basement. Join in the movement to rebuild a culture of Americana where we all succeed and live peaceful lives, and fight real evil when necessary. Keep your man buns and skinny jeans, I’m not asking you to go cold turkey, ease into this slowly, and just give it a try. To those that are sticking to the anarchist ways, America will still protect your right to do so, but, that violent shit is a thing of the past, like your Hipster vinyl records. We will still try to drag you with us, towards the light and across the finish line of prosperity. Hell, we will drag you guys with your heels dug in, the more the merrier, even Michael Moore if he wants to give it a try. If we have to drag him, we may need a deuce-half with operational tow hooks.

God bless.

Carl Fuerst-The Fuerst Option
RSO, Trainer, Blogger