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To write a blog like this, I believe it is important you know who I am, and where my views, beliefs, and values come from. First off, my views come from the heart. That means, they come from a place of love and hope, with my own spin. I love America and the values that have made our country great. I love the American people. I have hope for the future of my family and all of you and your families. It is that future that I fight for and defend. Those of us that have tools to do so are bound by duty and honor to share that knowledge with those that are willing to listen and learn. With the wisdom I have in the art of reading the cultural tea leaves, my knowledge in the ways of self-preservation, and my skills in the way of the gun, I know it is my duty to pass on what I know, in whatever forum I am given. It is my mission. It is a mission of my faith, my heart, my life.

So, Who Am I?

I am a husband and a father. I am a retired law enforcement officer. I am an ordained Christian minister. I am a firearm instructor, a teacher, a defender, and a cultural poet. I am a product of my Jersey Shore, Catholic school upbringing. A child of the seventies and eighties. Born in College Point, Queens New York and raised on the Jersey Shore. My Parents were older, and I have three older stepsiblings, whom I never knew until the night of my father’s death.

My father was a decorated army veteran, who served during World War II, and afterwards a plant manager in a paper products company that relocated from Queens to the beautiful Jersey Shore. My mother worked for the same company as my father. In addition to managing the plant, my father was a reserve police officer in our town. His pursuits in the field of law enforcement inspired me to do the same. I don’t remember ever wanting to do anything else.

I was a police explorer at age fourteen and spent my teenage years in uniform, serving my community and learning from true hero’s about doing what was right and standing up for those who are unable stand up for themselves. During my career I have known wonderful highs such as serving on various tactical teams and being taught by some of the greatest instructors such as Ron McCarthy, one of the founding members of LA. S.W.A.T. I have had the chance to instruct fellow officers in firearms and tactics as well as help people in my community. I have experienced tragic lows such as the death of children and the helpless feeling of being a first responder to the 2001 9-11 attacks. I have seen the destruction that true evil causes and learned that the ignorance of the existence of evil is almost as dangerous.

My first time doing actual CPR was on my father. I was unsuccessful and I was nineteen. Through all of it I remained hopeful. There is a scene in the movie Armageddon, in which Ben Affleck and Liv Tyler, who have a growing romance between their characters, are talking and holding each other before Affleck’s character leaves, and she says, something to the effect, “Do you think there is a chance two other people are doing the same thing, right at this moment.” Affleck replies “I hope so. If not, what are we fighting to save.” That is what I fight to defend. Lovers eating animal crackers, families growing and thriving, people enjoying the beauty in the world. But also having the knowledge that there is true evil out there working ceaselessly to take it all away.

I point out the absurd, and the obviously ridiculous, to teach preparedness and to give an edge of toughness. I am, at times, in your face, and you may completely disagree with me, or hang on every word. Either way it’s alright. I may anger you, you may love me, or you may hate me. It’s all ok. You can’t insult me, I’m from New Jersey. I hope to always make you think, and maybe chuckle occasionally. The fights are won by the prepared and those that think.

What I’m saying is this; These experiences, the good, the bad, and everything in between, has lead me here, and I am unapologetically and passionately opinionated. That’s why I call this blog, “The Fuerst Option”. I don’t hide in the shadows. I write it, say it, and own it. My views, my sense of humor, odd as it may be. Anything that is good in me, I owe to my wife, the most honest and smartest person I have ever known. There is nobody better. My hope and fighting spirit is strengthened by the greatest gifts I have ever known; my daughters. All of this has made me the man I am today, perfectly imperfect, and I’m okay with that.

Well, time to get started. The good people and American way of life isn’t going to defend itself.

Who am I?

I’m Carl Fuerst and this is “The Fuerst Option

So, buckle up. This could get a little rough.