Art Cason

General Manager
weapons & tactics instructor

"Never, never, never give up.", Winston Churchill 

West Tennessee native Art Cason joined the Army as a young man and followed that with a 23-year stint in law enforcement. After retirement, he spent almost a decade in high risk areas of conflict, serving as a private military contractor in Afghanistan, Iraq, and other locations in the middle east, for both the U.S. Department of State and the Department of Defense. During this time as the lead tactical trainer, rapid response team leader, and a manager/trainer of K9 patrol explosive detector dog teams and provided base security along with personal security details for visiting heads of state and high value personnel.


Art Cason’s Credentials 

U.S. Army- 11B Infantryman/11M Mechanized Infantryman 

Law Enforcement Positions Held-Deputy, Child Sexual Abuse Team Investigator, Homicide Task Force Investigator, Drug Task Force Agent, K9 officer, SWAT Commander 27th Judicial Task Force, Chief Deputy, and Chief of Police. 

Lead Tactical Trainer(TTP)-INL-CIVPOL-Regional Training Center (RTC), Afghanistan 

Rapid Response Team(RRT)-PSD-Firearms Instructor-Iraq 

KASOTC K9-Jordan 

OIF/OND- Theater wide internal security services (TWISS)- K9 KM/Handler/Trainer-Iraq 

OEF/ORS/OFS/ISAF- TAAC-S,TAAC-SW, TAAC-E, & TAAC-C -K9 KM/Program Manager-Afghanistan 

Art is a former law enforcement officer with experience as a patrol officer, investigator, chief deputy, chief of police, and swat team commander. He is a certified instructor in the fields of canine (K9) training, special weapons and tactics (SWAT), firearms, high risk entry, defensive tactics, and less lethal techniques. I am a veteran of the U.S. Army infantry and has experience in overseas private military contracting (PMC) with the Dept. of State and the Dept. of Defense in the areas of tactical instruction, firearms, personal security details, force protection and patrol explosive/narcotic detector dog teams. Art is a lifelong student of the martial arts, with a background in Karate, Tae Kwon Do, and Chinese boxing. He has done security work in both the private and government sector, CONUS & OCONUS.

Professional Schools 

Advanced Individual Training-AIT-Infantry-Ft. Benning 
AMK9 K9 Kennel Master Course 
AMK9 K9 Trainers Course 
AMK9 K9 Handlers Course 
Bradley Fighting Vehicle Infantrymen-Ft. Benning 
Bradley Fighting Vehicle Master Gunner-Ft. Benning 
CapStun O.C. Instructor 
Chinese Boxing Instructor 
Crucible-INL/CIVPOL Selection Graduate-Iraq 
Crucible-INL/CIVPOl Selection Graduate-Afghanistan 
Defensive Driving- Emergency/Non-Emergency Course 
Dept. of Homeland Security-CERT Team Instructor 
Dept. of State-INL/CIVPOL CLS-Combat Life Saver Certified 
Dept. of State-INL/CIVPOL Range Safety Officer-RSO 
Dept. of State-INL/CIVPOL Automatic Weapons Firearms Instructor 
Dept. of State-INL/CIVPOL Firearms Instructor 
Dept. of State-INL/CIVPOL RPG/GP-25 Instructor 
Dept. of State-INL/CIVPOL TTP Instructor 
Dept. of State-INL/CIVPOL PSD Course 
Dept. of State-INL/CIVPOL Convoy Operations Course 
Drexler’s K9 Handler Graduate-PNDD 
Dunn’s K9 Handler Graduate-PNDD 
Dunn’s K9 Trainer Graduate 
Dyer Police Dept. SWAT Level 1 
Dyer Police Dept. SWAT Level 2 
FBI SWAT School 
FOX Spray O.C Instructor 
Glock Armorers School 
Gunsite 250 Defensive Pistol 
High Desert Special Warfare School (SOC) 
Infantry Basic Training - Ft. Benning 
P.O.S.T. Certified Law Enforcement Officer - TLETA 
Memphis Organized Crime Unit - High Risk Entry Certified 
Memphis Police Dept. Drug Interdiction Training 
M26/X26 Taser Instructor 
NAEMT-PHTLS-Bleeding Control 
NRA Firearms Instructors School 
PEDD/PNDD-Patrol Explosive/Narcotic Detector Dog handler certified-AR-190-12 
P.O.S.T. Certified Law Enforcement Officer-TLETA 
Shotokan Karate - Student/Instructor 
Smyrna Police Dept. Basic Tactical Officer Course 
Smyrna Police Dept. Advanced Tactical Officer Course 
State of Tn. Certified Handgun Instructor 
Strategos-Strategies of Low Light Engagements 
Tae Kwon Do - Student 
TBI Intoximeter EC - IR Certified 
TIBRS reporting course 
TLETA Criminal Investigators School 
TLETA Interview and Interrogation School 
TLETA Man Tracking School Level 1 
TLETA Man Tracking School Level 2 
TLETA Firearms Instructor 
TLETA Instructor Development School 
TLETA P.O.S.T. Rules Workshop 
TLETA Specialized Police Instructor Certification-Basic SWAT 
TLETA Specialized Police Instructor Certification-Advanced SWAT 
TLETA Specialized Police Instructor Certification- High Risk Entry 
TLETA Specialized Police Instructor Certification-O.C. Spray 
Tn. Dept. of Homeland Security Information Network training 
Tn. National Guard LAV-Light Armored Vehicle Operators Course Level 1 
Tn. National Guard LAV-Light Armored Vehicle Operators Course Level 2
Winchester O.C. Instructor

deployment history


· OEF-Operation Enduring Freedom 
· ORS-Operation Resolute Support 
· OFS-Operation Freedom Sentinel 
· ISAF-International Security Assistance Forces 
· INL-International Narcotics & Law Enforcement 
· CIVPOL-Civilian Police Program TTP-Tactical Training Program Lead Instructor 
· RTC-Regional Training Command 
· TAAC-S-Train, Advise, Assist, Command-South 
· TAAC-SW-Train, Advise, Assist, Command-South West 
· TAAC-E-Train, Advise, Assist, Command-East 
· TAAC-C-Train, Advise, Assist, Command-Capital 


· OIF-Operation Iraqi Freedom 
· OND-Operation New Dawn 
· RRT-Rapid Response Team 
· PSD-Personal Security Detail 
· TWISS- Theater wide internal security services 


· KASOTC-King Abdullah Special Operations Training Center


Al Chymia Shriners-Former Captain of the Mounted Patrol 
American Legion 
Crime Stoppers-Chairman-Carroll County Tn. 
National Tactical Officers Association 
Tennessee Sheriff’s Association 
Tennessee Police Chief’s Association 
Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Officer's Association 
TTPA-Board of Directors 
West Tn. Police K9 Association 
West Tn. Criminal Investigators Association