The need for continued training for officers on the decision of when to utilize deadly force is now an accepted fact among the courts. Royal Range USA Training academy stands ready to provide instruction that will allow officers to understand the dynamics of threat assessment, the fluidity of incidents, make the proper decision on the level of force necessary, insuring officer safety and decreasing department liability. Providing officers this crucial training on perishable skills to insure officer safety is more important now than ever. 

Unfortunately, many police agencies, due to a lack of resources, still have not developed training in this area. The failure to have “judgment” or “decisional” training with respect to the use of deadly force is a risk that agencies cannot afford to take, with officer safety and department liability at stake. 

Royal Range USA Training Academy has a staff of trained P.O.S.T. approved instructors with many years of experience in the fields of firearms, use of force, special operations, tactics, policy and procedures, less than lethal, and defensive tactics to assist your agency with liability compliance and assistance with in-service and continued training. 

“Our Programs can greatly reduce the chances of your department losing a lawsuit for Using Force, while improving officer safety.” 

What we can do for your department: 

  • Diminish Liability with proper training 

  • Post Approved Training 

  • Experienced Instructor Team 

  • State of the Art Training Facility 

  • Indoor Ranges 

  • Force on Force Training House 

  • Expert Witness Testimony 

  • Policy & Procedure Assessment

  • Use of Force/Threat Assessment Training/Audit

  • Training at your location/facility 

  • Full Service-Training/Sales/Gunsmithing 

  • Package Pricing


POST Approved In-service Training in Firearms 

  • Low Light Firearms 

  • Moving Targets 

  • Timed Qualifications 

  • Team Firearms Training 

  • Patrol Rifle Training 

  • SWAT Team Training 

 POST Approved Defensive Tactics Training 

  • De-escalation techniques 

  • Conflict Avoidance 

  • Subject Control 

  • Gun Retention 

  • Less than Lethal 

  • Pepper-spray / baton / Empty hand control 



Force on Force training is closest thing to real life.  Using Glock Simuntion weapons and our state of the art force on force house you can train judgmental Use of Force. Courts have said, this type of training is necessary for today’s Police Officers. 

Active Shooter Response:  responding as single or multiple officer approach. 

Countering ambush tactics: whether on foot or in a vehicle, ambushes against Police are occurring at a rapid rate learn how to defend against these attacks. 

Room clearing tactics:  improve officer safety with street proven tactics.   



Bob Allen:  is a retired Sgt., supervised the firearms and defensive tactics section at the MNPD Training Academy for 20 + years.  He has over 15,000 hours of instruction in these two subjects and frequently testifies in Federal Court for Officers in the Southern States.  Sgt. Allen has instructed at the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association and the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors. Director of Training for Royal Range USA. 

Andy Ledbetter: Seven-year US Navy Corpsman veteran having over 190 combat missions in the Middle East. Andy has worked with US Marine Corps infantry units to Special Operations teams on varying missions. Providing Personal Security Detail protection to high-profile and high-risk individuals, he has knowledge of threat mitigation and coordination of numerous entities to prevent attacks on infrastructure and personnel. Currently operating as the Training Manager for Royal Range, Andy facilitates training in weapons and tactics to medical interventions.  

Shane Kerwin: aka “Doc K” is a U.S. Army veteran of almost 25 years, who served with the 5th Group Special Forces for 16 of those years. Shane has had multiple deployments in the service of our country. Medical Sergeant, Company senior Medical Sergeant, Special Operations Target Interdiction Course (SOTIC) senior Cadre and Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge, Company Operations Sergeant, and Detachment Operations Sergeant (Team Sergeant). During his tenure, with the 5th SFG(A), Shane deployed 7 times in the Global War on Terrorism, additionally as a singleton to the Middle East with Naval Special Operations and had trips to Asia and Central America. 

Art Cason:  U.S. Army Infantry veteran, retired law enforcement officer, former chief deputy, chief of police, SWAT commander, former lead tactical training program advisor for the Regional Training Center in Afghanistan. PSD team member /firearms instructor Iraq. K9 patrol explosive detector teams program manager/trainer Iraq-Afghanistan.  TLETA Specialized instructor in SWAT, High Risk Entry. Defensive Tactics, and Less Than Lethal. General Manager Royal Range USA. 

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3 Ranges: 31 Lanes 

  • 21 Pistol Lanes: 18yd 

  • 10 Rifle Lanes: 57 yd 

  • Outdoor range 180 degree, 500 yards 

Force on Force Training: 

  • 1500 square foot building with a second floor and two stairwells. 

  • Most of the building has easily moveable walls and quick change doors for different entry points. 

  • Catwalk for instructors to critique students 

Armorer Services: 

Cerakoting, Parkerizing, Glock Certified Armorer, AR Rifle builds/repair, Sniper rifle build/ repair and Tactical Shotgun builds. 

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“I am a Captain with at a large metropolitan police department and we used the staff at Royal Range last year for room entry tactics and defensive tactics.  I found the instructors highly qualified, in fact we are using them again in 2019 for other use of force and firearms training.” 

“The Henry County Sheriff’s Office would like to commend the Royal Range and its entire staff. The entire department of the Henry County Sheriff's Office has been receiving their firearms training from Royal Range for the past two years. The indoor facility is the best the state of TN has to offer. The knowledge and expertise of the trainers is top notch in tactics, force on force, room clearing, long gun and hand gun. Royal Range is above and beyond any annual training any department will ever receive!” 

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