Training FAQS

1. Where should I start with handgun training?

With very few exceptions you should begin with level I handgun. The fundamental or basics of shooting are by far the most important part of the process of learning to hit your target quickly and accurately. If all you have done is receive your handgun carry permit (HCP) you must start at level I.  The Tennessee HCP permit (any HCP permit actually) is at a very basic skill level. If you were to take a level II or higher class with only Tennessee HCP training, YOU WILL BE COMPLETELY LOST AND OVERWHELMED. So, unless you have had significant professional training you must begin at level I handgun no matter how long you have been shooting.

We will consider allowing someone to come to a higher-level class on a case by case basis. Again…You must have had other professional training to even be considered. If you are on the fence and “think” you might qualify, you don’t. If you did, there would be no doubt.

The last thing we want to do is to have you spend your money to go through something you do not need.  That does neither of us any good. Royal Range offers a money back guarantee, if you come to a class and do not feel you received your monies worth we will refund your tuition.


2. Where should I start my training, physical, knife, firearms?

At Royal Range we believe in a well-rounded education, nothing is the end- all, be- all. You may be involved in a physical confrontation prior to a gunfight, so if you don’t make it through that initial encounter the firearm does you no good. There are places we just cannot carry a firearm but can carry a knife or other defensive tool. Where you start is not important, no one can tell you what your fight is going to be. Just start somewhere; no one gathers knowledge all at once.


3. What firearm should I bring to class or what type of firearm should I purchase?

Handguns: If you do not own a handgun do not purchase one prior to attending class. Royal Range keeps about 20 firearms on hand for students to use for free. That way you learn what is best for you and what works rather than buying something that is sold to you for one reason or another. If you have a handgun, bring it, you should train with your firearm, if you have more than one bring several.

Tactical Rifles:

AR – 15’s, AK’s, Mini 14’s are all acceptable rifles/carbines for this class. Pistol class calibers are welcome as well; long distance will limit their effectiveness. There are many other acceptable firearms as well. Caliber is your choice. We do have rifles for RENT.


4. I am not in good physical condition; can I participate in training?

At Royal Range we believe everyone has the right of self-defense, good condition or not. Any class we do we encourage the student to participate to their level to their level of fitness.  Very poor conditioning or some circumstances will prevent you from doing some things but get out of it what you can. We have had wheelchair bound people in our physical self-defense class, obviously they were limited but got what they wanted


5. How many weapons should I bring to a class?

Bring more than one firearm if you have them. We want you to find one gun you like and work with it but having more there does not hurt a thing.


6. If my pistol/rifle breaks, will Royal Range be able to service it?

Royal Range does not guarantee we can fix every gun problem. However, most of the time someone is here on staff that can fix most problems


7. I am coming from out of state and want/need to ship my weapons via mail. Where should I send them to?

Royal Range USA C/O Steve Allemore, 7741 Hwy. 70 south, Nashville, Tn. 37221.


8. Will Royal Range be able to sell me ammo should I not be able to get enough on my own?

Royal Range does sell ammo and we keep normal defensive handgun calibers in stock 9mm, 38, 40 and 45. You may also have it drop shipped to us with your name on it.


9. My spouse wants to come to Tennessee with me but doesn’t want to attend the class. Are there any hotels, B&Bs where she would be comfortable at during the day?

There are some great places to stay for the family. A list of options will be sent upon registration.


10. I am looking into the possibility of bringing my police department, security team, military unit to your facility. We would prefer that information not be made public or published on your website. Is that a problem?

We do not put names of groups that train here on our web site or advertise that in any way without their express permission.


11. How many people will there be in “X” class?

The maximum number of students are listed in the class description.


12. Does Royal Range have a pro-shop that sells gear and accessories?

 We have a complete retail store at our Nashville location.


13. Does Royal Range have weapons to sell to students?

 Yes, we are a licensed FFL dealer, all BATF-E rules apply for purchase.


14. Does Royal Range offer covered shooting positions in the event of rain or bad weather at the outdoor facility?

No, we do not. We shoot rain or shine. Foul weather gear is recommended.


15. I have never been in the military, I am not a cop, and have no formal training. Will my time in the class be positive and at my level, or will I get left behind?

Civilians are the dominant part of Royal Range’s business. No one gets “left behind”. Our instructors work to bring out the best in all students from the person who has never used a firearm to the person with extensive training. The better you are the more we push you to excel.


16. I heard your school offers force-on-force training? Will I get a chance to try this?

Royal Range has been doing force on force training since its inception. We use Simunition firearms and marking rounds. We think it is so important that we built a force on force house with movable walls and two different stairwells just for F/F training. We have specific classes for this type of training, also it is integrated in certain high-level classes.


17. I see you have done off-site training. Would your school come to my location to conduct training on site for my unit?

Royal Range does off site training. You may contact Royal Range and discuss the terms. It does not have to be a military or law enforcement class.


18. I have a major physical limitation (crutches, wheel-chair or prosthesis). Can Royal Range accommodate me? Have you had students with such limitations in the past?

Students that have major physical limitations are welcome at Royal Range. We will do our very best to accommodate you in any way we can. We have had people with all types of limitations, not all have been able to do everything, but we will attempt to accommodate your physical limitations in the best possible way.


19. I want to attend Royal Range with my minor child, what is your position on this?

You know your child better than we do, we have had some children as young as 13 attend our regular classes. You know how mature your child is and if you believe your child can accept the information and use it wisely it is OK with us. We do want you to understand that this is not some basic shooting class that simply teaches marksmanship and safe gun handling. We teach people to deal with other people. After all, I have seen people at 40 years of age I would not teach and 13-year-old that I would.


20. What equipment is not allowed?

Currently NO trigger finger release retention holsters are allowed unless you are LE or Security and the holster is issued by your Department/Agency. i.e. Blackhawk Serpa. If you are unsure about what to bring to a particular class, click here to contact us. Be sure to download the Royal Range Class checklist here.