Active Shooter Response Training

As experts in security and threat analysis, Royal Range Assessment Team’s experience ranges from law enforcement to military with additional backgrounds in overseas contracting and executive protection. Responding to an active shooter, assaults, or domestic disputes, it is critical to have an organized plan and provide your security team with the knowledge they need to be successful. 

With over 70 years of combined experience, our instructors have worked domestically and abroad protecting properties and training security teams to prepare for emergency situations.



With the unfortunate rise of violence in places of worship, security concerns need to be addressed before an incident occurs.

Our courses are designed to build, maintain and improve skill competency and confidence for your security team. From individual skillsets to team tactics…



What’s a child’s life worth? How confident are you of your child’s safety at their school or campus? Wouldn’t you want to know the school or campus has a detailed plan to prevent a threat to your child’s life? Or if you’re a teacher, wouldn’t you want to know the preventative measures the school has and what to do if a threat occurred?  Our Risk Assessment Team provides clients a detailed analysis of security risks and concerns, with a descriptive plan to improve defenses…



Is your team professionally trained to respond to an active shooter or a critical emergency? Royal Range USA is a Nashville, Tennessee based firearms training facility, specializing in security and threat assessment. Royal Range has performed numerous site assessments for businesses throughout the United States to bring awareness of the vulnerability to threats…