Royal Range Academy has training courses for every type of student, from the new shooter to military and law enforcement operators.


At Royal Range, we believe it is our civic duty to help educate gun owners to be responsible, knowledgeable and skilled to excel in any shooting discipline. We offer exceptional training courses tailored for every level, from first-time shooters, recreational shooters, military, professional law enforcement… and everything in between. Royal Range is your one stop firearms training academy. We offer a variety of firearms courses both public and private, taught by the most qualified shooting instructors in the Southeast.  

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Training Calendar

PLEASE NOTE: Each participant MUST register an account and pay for classes individually.
Do not purchase multiple quantities of classes online, as individuals will not be properly registered for class.  If you need assistance with purchasing multiple slots for a class please call the range and we will be happy to assist you!


To cancel out of a class or training session, clients must provide at least 24 hours’ notice.

If you cancel within the 24-hour time period of the start time of the course, you will be charged for that class/session.

If you cancel with more than 24hours notice you can be re-assigned to another course within 3 months of your class purchase date. 

Classes require a minimum participation level of 5 participants. Class with less than the minimum requirement, may be re-scheduled by Royal Range by providing the client a 48 hour notice, prior to the course.  Classes will be re-scheduled within a 3 month time frame or a full refund will be provided to the class participant.

All class cancellations must be done online through your MindBody Customer Account.