A 34-year veteran of the Nashville Police, 21-year SWAT team instructor and lead instructor of firearms and defensive tactics for Metro’s Police Academy, Nashville native Bob Allen is a seasoned instructor. FBI Firearms Instructor School, ATF Officer Survival School, NRA Firearms Instructor School, Snipercraft, Force Science Institute—these are just a few of the courses he’s completed. The list of courses he’s taught is even longer. But what excites him most is teaching everyday people how to be safe and secure in their everyday lives. “I’ve been a teacher all my adult life,” he says. “It’s a real honor to be able to pass on what I’ve received as a student, to see that light bulb come on.” Bob and his wife have two grown daughters, one grandson and live in Middle Tennessee.

Bob Allen's credentials

Metropolitan Nashville Police Department1981 - 2015

Metropolitan Police Training Academy1991 - 2014

Head Instructor of Firearms and Defensive Tactics1993 - 2014

Responsibilities include developing lesson plans and teaching recruits, in-service personnel, Davidson County Court Officers and Metro Police Facility Guards. Topics include Officer Survival, Mechanics of Arrest, Use of Force, Dynamic Confrontation, Police Baton, Chemical Weapons, Taser, Pressure Point Tactics, Firearms, Defensive Driving and Police Pursuits. Also gives presentations on personal and office safety to corporate organizations and universities. Additional responsibilities are testifying in State and Federal Courts as a fact witness or an expert witness. Developing and instructing defensive tactics and firearms training to the SWAT team.

Professional Schools

Pressure Point Control Tactics instructor school 1994-1998

LAPD arrest and control instructor school1999

Gracie Retention and Control for Immediate Enforcement2003

Dynamic confrontation instructor school1993

M26 Taser instructor school2004

X26 Taser instructor school2004 - 2008

ASP tactical baton instructor school1994

FBI firearms instructor school1995

NRA firearms instructor school1993

Glock firearms instructor school2000 - 2012

Glock Armorer’s course2000 - 2012

Police Firearms instructor school1994

Metro Nashville Basic SWAT school1991

Metro Nashville Advanced SWAT school1992

Army sniper school2003

Controlled Force Instructor1998

Chemical weapons instructor school2000

ATF officer survival school1999

Colt M-16 Armorer school2000

AR-15 Instructor school2004

Personal Responsibility Inc. Handgun school1996

Emergency Response to Terrorism2002

Gunsite, Pistol, Shotgun and Rifle school2009

FBI, Pursuit Seminar for Middle Managers2008

RIPP Restraint, Sudden Custody Death Syndrome1997

Bill Rogers Tactical Shooting School2002

SWAT Tactical Leadership Course2010

Combat Point shooting2002

Caliber Press Seminar1999

Action Target shooting school2004

Strategic Self-Defense and Grappling Tactics2003

Strategos--Strategies of Low Light Engagements2004

NTOA Active Shooter Instructor class2008

LETC Advanced Law Enforcement Training Camp2006

PRI Tactical Rifle2003

Tae Kwon Do12 years

Jeet Kune Do10 years

Jiu Jitsu5 years

Range Master Instructor School2010

State Certified Handgun Instructor1996

State Certified force on force instructor2013


FBI sniper school2009

ASLET Training Seminar1996 - 1998

Tactical Treatment of Gunshot Wounds2009

International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers(Student)

International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors(Student)

International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers(Instructor)

International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors(Instructor)

Tennessee Law Enforcement Instructors Conference(Student and Instructor)

Force Science Institute2013

Kyle Lamb Advanced Pistol Class2014

ALERT Active Shooter Response Class2016