With the unfortunate rise of violence in places of worship, security concerns need to be addressed before an incident occurs.

Our courses are designed to build, maintain and improve skill competency and confidence for your security team. From individual skillsets to team tactics, Royal Range provides:

  • Site assessment (how to harden your place of worship but not look like it) 

  • Active Shooter Response Classroom and practical exercises 

  • Law on Church Security… what can I do? 

  • Liability and Insurance 

  • Less lethal tactics and training: empty hand control for those that do not want weapons, TASER, pepper spray) 

  • Security team tactics 

  • De-escalation techniques: how to talk individuals out of physical violence 

  • Scenario training: putting the team in situations they would face in real life. We guarantee it will raise the heart rate of the student! Train like you fight 

  • What is the most likely event that requires expertise? Medical emergency. 

  • Medical trauma training with certifications (CPR to TCCC) 

Our experienced staff in law enforcement and military can guarantee you will be better than you are a protecting the flock at your place of worship.


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