The 250 Pistol Class was first presented in October 1976 by Colonel Jeff Cooper. This class is “The Gunsite Experience.” Regardless of your age, gender, experience or station in life, upon completion of The Gunsite Experience, YOUR LIFE WILL CHANGE FOREVER!

You will be well grounded in the Modern Technique of the Pistol, including marksmanship, gun handling, combat mindset, and the elements of the Combat Triad. Through our systematic and dynamic methodology you will achieve confidence, competence, new skills and best of all, Peace of Mind.

Clients emerge stronger, more alert, and conditioned to respond instantly to any threat. You will prevail in any encounter.

The 250 includes five solid days of range work, lectures and intensive indoor,  low light, live fire simulators.  You will be in control of your immediate environment. All certificates are graded and many lifelong friends will be identified during this experience.

Skill at arms is a highly perishable skill and recurrent training is a must for the responsible citizen. Should you ever be involved in a life or death situation, the justice system will first question your training. Many clients return annually to take the 250 class as recurrent training.

Completion of  the 250 Pistol Course is a prerequisite for many other courses.

September 2, 2019 - September 6, 2019


Close Quarter Pistol is designed to prepare students for the real world dynamics of sudden, violent confrontation and attacks.

What will you do if suddenly and violently attacked? Will you have the time and opportunity to present your firearm? Do you have the skill and ability to retain your firearm when your attacker is within arm’s reach? Can you shoot effectively while delivering practical and effective self defense techniques?

CQP blends empty hand self defense, mindset, tactics and extreme close quarter pistol techniques into a proven system. Developed and taught by Gunsite instructors who have several decades of combined SWAT and martial arts experience, along with the real world application of the techniques taught in this course.

You will learn simple, effective self defense techniques that will stop a sudden, violent attack and give you the time and opportunity to access your firearm. Emphasis will be on engaging threats at very close distances with the real world speed and accuracy necessary for you to survive.

Focus will be on drawing from concealment. The use of IWB or other concealment type holsters with shirt or vest for concealment is highly recommended.

One of the most practical courses ever developed, CQP will teach you the skills and develop the confidence it takes to be truly prepared for today’s often violent and unpredictable world.

October 25, 2019 - October 27, 2019