tn handgun carry permit

This class will exceed the state requirement for a concealed carry permit for handguns. It will cover related laws, use of deadly force, liability, basic safety and maintenance, and how to apply and receive your permit.

Extra time will be spent on fundamentals and basic gun handling skills to make you as safe as possible.

COST:  $95.00
LENGTH:  8 hours

All participants must apply for a handgun permit (https://dl.safety.tn.gov/_/) and obtain a confirmation number from the State prior to class. Click on the tab that reads “Handgun Permits”.


If you are a Tennessee State ID or Driver License holder, you MUST login to e-Services with your Last Name, Date of Birth, DLN, and SSN to complete a Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit Application.


  • State Confirmation Number
  • Reliable Handgun (rentals available if needed)
  • 50 rounds of practice ammunition
  • Eye and ear protection

Handgun Carry Permit Process:

1)    Go to https://www.tn.gov/safety/handgunmain.html
2)    Fill out the application
3)    Print the state application number and bring to class
4)    Attend class and pass the written test and pistol qualification
          a. 50 question test
          b. 50 round pistol qualification
                  i.     20 rounds at 3 yards
                  ii.     20 rounds at 5 yards
                  iii.     10 rounds at 7 yards

5)    Things to take to FULL SERVICE DMV and following steps
          a.     Certificate from class
          b.     Passport or original or certified birth certificate
          c.     Pay application fee (see list below)
          d.     Photo taken at DMV
          e.     DMV will give list of locations to get fingerprinted
          f.      Schedule time at fingerprint location

6)    Go get fingerprinted
7)    Wait ~2-3 weeks for HCP ID to arrive in mail


Handgun Permit Fees:

  • Handgun carry permits will be issued on an eight (8) year cycle.
  • Accepted methods of payment for an original handgun carry permit are cash, money order, MasterCard, Visa and Discover Credit Cards. Checks are accepted for a renewal and duplicate handgun carry permits.


8 year: $100.00
Military 8 year: $68.00
Lifetime: $300.00
Military Lifetime: $268.00
Retired Law Enforcement Lifetime: $100.00