Do you have the skills needed to protect your family?  Can you react and think clearly under pressure?  This class is designed to spike your heart rate and give you exposure to real life home invasion scenarios, to prepare you to succeed.

Our talented staff of Instructors with real world experience can give you the skills to protect yourself and your loved ones inside the home.

There are no Pre-requisites required for this course.  This course is suitable for All Ability Levels, Ages 16+ (with parental guardian)

Students will receive instruction in:

  • Mindset
  • Tactics
  • Flashlight techniques
  • Team movement
  • Law on deadly force inside the home

Students will work tactics in daylight and low light while being presented with scenarios resembling real-life home invasions.

Course Instructed by Bob Allen.

COST:  $100.00
LENGTH:  4 hours
long sleeve shirt or sweat shirt top, long pants, light gloves

Class Minimum: 5
Class Maximum: 10