Meet John

CEO, Principle Owner

John Russell’s professional vita is a fascinating mix of business, service and personal interest. With 30+ years in the insurance industry, first at Progressive, then at Ingram Industries—followed by his own high-risk auto insurance venture, Vision Insurance Group—John’s professional life took a big turn in 2008, when he partnered with country music singer (and John’s neighbor) Kix Brooks’ Arrington Vineyards, a winery/event business just south of Nashville. His passion for community service led him to join the boards of The United Way and WAVES, which provides support for disabled adults and children in Franklin, TN. Then in 2014, intrigued by the ideas that a large-scale gun, archery and air rifle range could serve gun enthusiasts, law enforcement agencies and the community at large, John jumped at the opportunity. The result of his and others’ commitment to firearm safety, education and training, Royal Range opened in 2015. “I couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity here,” John says, “because it’s about something bigger than business. It’s about service, safety and community. Our mission is to empower.” John and his wife Carol have two adult children, Amanda and Michael.