Leosa - 
Law Enforcement

Extensive, certification-level training. Enhance your agency training with specialized certification-level preparation in defensive strategy, tactical training, shooting skill and more.

LEOSA. This class will cover the rules and regulations for nationwide carry known as the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act.

COST: $60.00
LENGTH: 8 hours


  • Reliable Handgun

  • Gun Belt

  • Holster

  • Magazine Pouch

  • 2 Pistol Magazines

  • 50 rounds of practice ammunition

  • Eye and ear protection

Initial Application

1. Prior LEO or Military Police
2. Fill out application below
          a. https://www.tn.gov/content/dam/tn/commerce/documents/post/forms/LEOSA%20initial%20application%20directions.pdf

3. Fingerprints before or after class
4. Bring to class the application completed
5. Attend class-$60
          a. Bring $10 check to class written to TN POST Commission
          b. All firearms you want to qualify with are $5 each
          c. 50 rounds of ammo per firearm
          d. Holster
          e. Magazine pouch

6. When fingerprints and class are completed, state will send LEOSA card in the mail


1. Fill out application below for Renewal

2. Process is the same as Initial