Jeff Carmichael

Weapons/Tactics Instructor

“An unarmed man can only flee from evil, and evil is not overcome by fleeing from it.“
- Jeff Cooper 

A 22 – year veteran of the New York State Police, with 18 as a Division Firearms Instructor and Sniper/ Observer on Mobile Response Team. Jeffrey Carmichael held the positions of Division Assistant Firearms Training Officer and Chief Firearms Instructor. Additionally, he holds credentials as Department of Criminal Justice Services General Topics Instructor, Firearms Instructor, Oleoresin Capsicum Instructor, and Instructor Evaluator. Jeffrey has been involved in the training of approximately 3500 Recruit Troopers and over 200 New York Police Officers as Instructors. He was awarded the George M. Searle Award for excellence in training in the New York State Police. He thoroughly enjoys passing on his knowledge to students of all levels. Jeffrey and his wife have four Children and four Grandchildren and live in Middle Tennessee.


New York State Police 1986-2008 

New York State Police Academy Firearms Training Unit 1990-2001 

Chief Firearms Training Officer 2001-2008 

Jeff’s responsibilities included developing lesson plans and teaching recruits, in-service members, local and county police officers. He was responsible for the maintenance and repair of all division firearms and was involved in the testing and evaluation of prospective firearms. Jeffrey also gave presentations on personal and officer safety to community organizations and other police organizations. He ran security for the Brazilian Criminal Justice Delegation, and security for the World University Games in 1993. He was supervisor for divisional security after 9/11. Jeffrey partnered with Albany Medical Center in research for pepper spray decontamination study.


Accidental Death/Body after Death Training 
CapStun Instructor School 
Critical Incident/ Hostage Negotiation School
Caliber Press Seminar 
Domestic Violence School 
Emergency Responder Training 
Emergency Vehicle Operation Course 
FATS Train the Trainer 
FATS Instructor 
Felony Stops Training 
Firearms General Topics School 
Glock Armorer Course 1990-2008 
Grant Awareness Training 
H&K Armorer School 
High Speed Driving School 
Handling Cross Examination School 
Ithaca Shotgun Armorer School 
Nonverbal Communication Training 
Officer Down Training 
OC Pepper Master Instructor 
Purposeful Teaching for Police Education 
Portable Fire Extinguisher Training 
Remington Armorer 
Radiological Monitors Training 
Street Survival Trainer 
Standardized Field Sobriety Testing 
Sigma Armorers 
Stinger Spike School 
Tatsu Do Karate 
Use of Force Trainer 
Verbal Judo/Knife Defense