taser self defense

Built from the same technology as those used in Law Enforcement, the civilian TASER is legal to own, easy to use and effective. TASER self-defense tools are made to give you peace of mind and fit into your everyday life. With features like a 30 second knock down cycle per trigger pull, and a 15ft radius to keep attackers at bay. TASER self-defense tools were designed to give you precious time to escape dangerous situations and to keep your love ones safe.

In the classroom portion, you will receive specific information on what the TASER does to the human body. You will learn the nomenclature/parts of the TASER, safety rules, home store, and other important facts.
The practical part of class will encompass: learning how to carry, operate and use the TASER in a self-defense environment and a practical exercise where you will get to use the TASER on a role player.

LENGTH: 2 hours
Price: $55.00

Class Minimum: 5
Class Maximum: 10