Tatiana Whitlock - Training in Context



Beginners and experienced students create a solid foundation of skill sets to best serve them for home and self-defense. Bridge the gap between artificial range practice and real world survival skills. Techniques that turn practice plinking into self-defense training make the most of your range time and ammo budget. We will reintroduce relevant distances, movement drills, lethal target zones, and pre and post engagement techniques as they relate to the places and spaces you live in. Come away from this class with a unique training program specifically tailored for your home and lifestyle. Train in the context of your life for the fight of your life!



Hone your pistol accuracy skills and take your marksmanship to a higher level. Class begins with an individual assessment from which a personalized strategy for each student is developed. Marksmanship skill builder drills and exercises raise the groups performance and one-on-one instruction with Tatiana fine tunes each individual students skills. A fun and challenging program for shooters of all skill levels!



This 8-hour class gives you the knowledge, techniques, and tips to carry concealed both comfortably and confidently. Topics covered include gear selection, holster placement, attire, lifestyle logistics and male vs. female carry challenges. The MORNING SESSION is a hands-on workshop where we sort through holster types, try out different carry positions and accessory placement. This workshop answers the big questions about comfort and lifestyle to find the set-up that works best for you. The AFTERNOON SESSION is a fun progression of information and drills to build real-world situational awareness, information processing, and stress management for all facets of a deadly force encounter. Fine-tune safe and efficient technique to draw & engage from concealment as well as what to do before, during and after a deadly force event. Learn the essentials to carry with confidence!



This 8-hour class is designed to develop safe & well rounded shooters. Defensive Handgun is an Intermediate Handgun for Self Defense that has you moving, shooting and problem solving. Learn the essentials of non-standard positional shooting (Yoga with Guns!), critical movement skills, engaging from a seated position, and partner drills. Emphasis is towards drills and scenarios that simulate having children or family as part of a deadly force encounter and how to manage them keep them safe. This class is a fast-paced yet detail-rich program. Those wishing to work from concealment are welcome.